Apartment Tour

Welcome to the grand tour of our living space!
These new pictures will now be part of our Spaces page.

We finally cleaned our apartment!  It was still a pain to photograph such a small space, though.  However, Julia did a wonderful job of cleaning and organizing our place which made it much easier to take nice pictures.  Let me know if you'd like to see anything in greater detail; I'd be happy to show more!

Boo for a poorly lit apartment, but we only have four windows in the main spaces and one in the bathroom.  :( 

You can really see our plethora of sheep rugs in this pic: one is on the organ bench, one is on an ottoman, and one is next to Julia's white bedside table.

Also, I'd like to mention that Julia bought that awesome white and orange pillow at a yard sale for only one dollar! Gotta love a steal.

Making a guest appearance in this image is our favorite and only cat, Bella.

Julia's awesome styling hides the unattractively exposed box spring.
Also, the large vintage bubble level above my closet looks great.

See more about the drawing above our bed here.

Here is a view into the dressing room; it is primarily Julia's space, and she even re-painted the dresser blue to fit our style more appropriately.

Ahh! Such a tight space with no natural light... but you get the point.

Notice the lovely Christmas ornament on the bathroom door.

Photographed and digitally edited by Christopher, style editing and assistance by Julia.

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