Mini Moodboards

I guess the moodboards aren't actually mini, but the space they are representing definitely is. I've actually never made a moodboard before, but I've seen many in all my design blog reading, so it was pretty fun to play in photoshop and figure out what works for me. It was amazingly helpful to organize my thoughts about the direction of the dollhouse.

For any new readers I have just confused the pants off, Chris and I are participating in Emily Henderson's "I'm a Giant" blog challenge, where we design a lovely little dollhouse. Read our first post about what we're working with here. Also, Emily just posted a great update post with a huge list of all the bloggers who are involved, so check that out while you're at it. I'm totally impressed by everyone else's progress! I need to get moving... I'm impressed by this blogger's mini Orb-lando (and the hilarious picture of Barbie dolls hanging it) but a wee bit jealous since I was considering making one, but no one likes a repeat, so I'm working on new ideas for my chandelier. Also, this one looks like it's going to be super fun and a little girl's dream. I have a feeling this one is going to be awesome, and this post just makes me happy. Looking  forward to seeing all the amazing things everyone does!

Enough of that, and back to my moodboards. Almost forgot what I was posting about there...

Here is the bedroom (the upstairs portion of the house), which we have pretty well planned at this point:

You have to imagine the bed put together, because we don't have a real bed. That little brass tray is a perfect headboard, and then I'm going to make a mini duvet with the striped fabric, mini pillows with the crazy patterned fabric, and a mini throw blanket (and maybe a pillow) with the blue wave fabric. All those things will sit atop a plain black frame that is a stand-in for a bed frame. And it's all free since we already had all those things!

The bedside table is going to be somewhat symbolic, since a little person wouldn't actually be able to use that heavy metal elephant with a little gold incense holder on it as a nightstand, but it makes visual sense in the space.

We bought that amazing modern chair at a yard sale this weekend for super cheap (more on that later), and I made the little sheepskin in it. It was very easy: I just cut a sheep shape out of fluffy off-white fabric.

Hopefully we'll be able to cut that weird apple off of the shelf, and we'll add lots of fun little accessories.

The smallest piece of art is a Chris original that is for sale on etsy here. You can barely see it in the moodboard, but you can get a much better view on etsy, and it is hilarious, so check it out! You may recognize my collage from here and Chris's creature from here.

The other sheepskin pic is from here, and the hardwood floors are from here.

On to the living room, which is still not quite nailed down, but we're getting there....

I'm hoping to make a little sofa that looks something like this cb2 one, and I think I can definitely make a metal arc lamp like this one. I love those lamps so I'm really excited to put one in the dollhouse. Chris already owned the brass chair, which is actually a bottle opener from Anthropologie, but it works great as a super fancy accent chair. I'm going to make a sheep pillow to sit on the chair from the same fabric I used for the sheep in the bedroom; hopefully it will look something like this one, which I found here.

I actually already made our own mini cowhide rug using cow print fabric, and it looks awesome! I'm quite proud. We'll post pics and a tutorial about that another day. The cowhide stand-in for the moodboard is from here.

Of course there will be more of our art in this space, too, but I didn't have room in the moodboard to add those.

We're not totally sure about the accent fabrics for this room, so we'll see where that goes. And we're still not set on a wallpaper or paint color, and a lot of things still need to be made, but we're working on it.

And the dining room... yeah, nothing there. It's in the same room as the living room (and it's a pretty tight space), so the color palette will be the same. We have a nice little table and chairs set, which you can see in our first dollhouse post, but we're going to paint them different colors to work with our overall scheme, which still isn't nailed down, so we haven't decided on colors yet. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the chandelier plans are in flux. Thus the lack of pictures for that whole space...

Now for out most amazing miniature that probably won't fit in our dollhouse but is currently in the dining room:

What?! Mini pac-man?! Why yes, we are now the proud owners of a mini pac-man machine.

This was part of an amazing yard sale moment that involved me sitting on the ground digging through a little girl's bag of mostly bratz and barbie doll cast-offs, including a weird amount of disconnected doll feet. Apparently that's normal for those freaky bratz dolls. We ended up getting the gold modern chair now in the dollhouse bedroom, this pacman machine, and a white outdoor lounge chair which we decided later is too big. All three for $1. Yessssss.

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