I'm a Giant, commence!

It's no secret that I'm a little bit obsessed with Emily Henderson of HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist. So when she announced the "I'm a Giant" dollhouse decorating challenge (click on the house to read her original post about it), I was totally in.

But then as I started looking at dollhouses and miniature furniture I realized how right she was about that stuff being crazy expensive for such tiny little things. And we all know I'm super cheap, and I definitely don't have extra cash lying around to spend on non-functional bitty stuff. Also, unlike a lot of the other bloggers participating, I don't already have awesome modern dollhouse furniture (so jealous of this collection of mini chairs belonging to Nicole of Making it Lovely!) So for awhile I thought I had decided not to participate and I was growing to be ok with that decision. And then Chris and I went to the best yard sale ever where we bought our beautiful mid century credenza and a cool little dollhouse (best part, it was only $1):

And now we're all in. Oh man, here we go...

We're figuring that since it's small, only two rooms, we'll keep it simple and there's less of an opportunity for us to waste money since we can barely fit any furniture in it. It will be like our apartment: very small and very awesome. We're also just going to leave out the kitchen and bathroom. I mean, it's a dollhouse, who says it needs to be functional? This way we can focus all our time, energy, and limited budget on a living space, dining space, and bedroom upstairs.

As you can see, we have already put a bunch of little things in it. Some will stay and a lot will definitely change. We scoured antique stores in New Hampshire when we were there last weekend and turned up the coffee table, blue table, four red chairs, wood shelf that's upstairs, and the clock that's sitting on the shelf. I don't know about the clock, but it came as a set with the table and chairs. We kept to a very small budget for those purchases, so we have spent very little so far and that is good. We're probably going to change the color of the table and chairs, as I am not such a big fan of the primary colors thing that's going on right now.

The other things that are in there right now are an awesome little hand Chris bought at a yard sale for $1, which reminds us of the table of hands we saw at Brimfield. We think every doll should have a sweet hand sculpture, don't you think? It's now sitting on an awesome little metal elephant Chris bought for $2 today at a yard sale. It's back is a tiny bowl. Obviously we don't yet have a couch, so right now we're improvising with these strange colored lucite blocks Chris bought (you guessed it...) at a yard sale! Those came awhile ago, so we can't remember how much they cost, but you can bet it was super cheap. Upstairs we put our mini cactus to give the dollhouse some green! All these things may change, but that's what is in the house right now. (That black thing upstairs is just a picture frame acting as a place-holder for the bed)

Now that you've seen what we have so far, here's the list of what needs to be done:
-buy or make a small couch
-buy or make a bed
-maybe buy a small chair or two or the living space or bedroom?
-decide on a color palette
-find fabric or paper to use for wallpaper, spray glue it in
-paint any remaining walls
-sand and stain the floors and possibly the roof or other wood areas we decide to keep natural
-repaint the red columns
-paint the table and chairs
-get fuzzy white fabric and cut it into sheep for rugs or draping on furniture (we LOVE sheep...)
-make a chandelier with wire, maybe something like the one Orlando made on SFAS?
-MAKE TINY ART!! This is going to be awesome. Mini Chris recycled art or photographs and mini Julia collages or paintings. YES.

I'm probably forgetting some things, but you get the point: there's a ton to do! And I have a feeling this is going to be an awesome little dollhouse when we're done with it.

Update 10/24: Check out our progress! Here's the latest on our dollhouse adventure.


  1. I saw your comment on Making it Lovely and wanted to check out your house. I also decided to join the challenge. I love your house you found, what a GREAT FINE!!! I bought a house at Hobby Lobby, and I am thankful to have an awesome husband who helped me build it! It is so much more work then I could have ever imagined!!! I made my own couch and chair, maybe you could try what I did. Everything is so expensive to buy! You really have to make things yourself! Here is the link to my blog post of my house so far: http://mymodstyle.blogspot.com/search/label/dollhouse

  2. Thanks for the tip on making mini furniture! I've been thinking about it, but didn't really know where to start, so I will definitely be checking that out. I need to figure out how to sand down dowels or something to make little mid-century legs...

  3. I love what you're doing here.
    Can't wait to see the rest!


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