Hanging Display Painting Project

If you recall the near disaster that was my first furniture painting attempt (or rather my first attempt with something other than spray paint), I hope you will be happy to know that my second try was much better. This is probably mostly because it was a much simpler project since I only used one color on the whole piece, but never mind that. Let's just say I learned so much from that other cabinet that I'm now a furniture painting genius. Right...

This time around I painted a hanging display shelf. Chris picked this piece up for $5 at the Beverly Bootstraps Thrift Shop (a local Goodwill type store) awhile back, and we're finally getting around to using it. It was in the entry hallway before, but now that we have our lovely new midcentury hutch in there, this guy had to go. We had actually been thinking of moving it for awhile, and the new furniture just gave us the kick in the pants we needed.

The shape is pretty traditional, and we already have tons of brown in our space, so we decided to modernize it with a clean layer of white paint, which matches the trim around our windows, as you will see in the "after" pictures.

There's really not a whole lot to say about this one. I just cleaned it off and painted it! I didn't really need to sand it since the wood was already slightly roughed up and ready to take the paint. Here it is in progress:

I swear there's paint in that yogurt container. I'm not painting with yogurt or eating yogurt while I paint, both of which would be very bad ideas.

Two coats of plain white paint later, we hung the final product on the wall in the eating space next to the bookshelf (Chris gets credit for this excellent placement idea), filled it with part of our ever evolving collection of small items, and bam!

It fits perfectly into that spot and seems to add more architectural detail to the apartment, which we are all about. Also, you may have noticed that Chris and I tend to amass strange little things all the time, so this hanging shelf is the perfect spot to display our stuff without it feeling cluttered. I admit, there are still some little things around the apartment, but having most of it condensed as part of one piece has the effect of making the whole space feel more organized.

Best part about this project? It only cost $5 for the whole shebang. That's right, we already had the paint and brushes, so with the $5 spent on the hanging shelf and a little bit of hard work (ok, it wasn't that hard, but it was slightly time-consuming) we added a pretty awesome feature to our apartment! That's the great thing about painting: it's very inexpensive and can completely change the look of an old piece.

Also, we have another identical hanging display shelf, so if anyone in the greater Boston area is interested in purchasing their own lovely piece just like ours (or painted another color), that could definitely be arranged! Hit us up in the comments or send us an email.

Here's a full view of the shelf in action in the eating space:

I think it really defines the dining table part of the eating space in a nice way. In this picture you can also see that we've switched out the table cloth for now and replaced it with the other one we bought at Brimfield. I think it works better with the colors in our space, but I'm not sure that Chris is 100% sold yet. We shall see...

Also, from this other angle you can see why there is no longer a chair on my side (the far side) of the table:

I bought an awesome little bench at a yard sale last weekend for $8. Very happy about it. We scoured Brimfield for a good bench when we were there, and the closest thing we could find was more than we wanted to spend (we're talking $30+ for shoddy little benches) and weren't quite right for the space either. This bench is a fun color which works well with the tablecloth, and it's the exact right size for the space. I approve.

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  1. We like the Buddhist items on the top shelf of this cute display shelving. Jim approves. But seriously, good job.


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