Felt Success

Remember when I planned to do some Christmas ornament crafting over the long weekend? Well I did it, and it was so much fun I'm thinking of doing lots more.

Naturally, we don't yet have a Christmas tree to hang them on for pictures, and ornaments just don't look good laying flat, so may I introduce you to our weird hang-y thing holding my DIY felt ornaments:

I made two simple Christmas trees (a small green one and a bigger red one), a blue star, and my all-time favorite: a snow cloud. I have to give Chris credit for the idea, but I came up with the design (and sewed it, of course).

They're all made with felt (some was free and some I picked up for cheap at my local art store), polyester fiber stuffing, a little bit of ribbon and a simple needle and thread. Definitely an easy and adorable/affordable project. Even if you had to buy all the materials (including basic things everyone should already own like needles) you could easily make 40+ of these for less than $10. All you really have to invest is time and patience.

Of course I forgot to take process pictures, but I will do that when I make more ornaments... Basically all I had to do was fold over the felt to cut two pieces in my desired shape, then pin the ribbon for hanging in between the felt, and do a basic stitch next to the edge, adding a bit of stuffing before closing it up all the way. The cloud took a bit more work, making mini felt snowflakes and attaching them with thread as I went. More on the process to come at a later date...

Don't even ask about the hang-y thing, because I honestly don't know. Some crazy person made this and then left it behind, and Chris picked it up for free. This is the kind of thing Chris loves to hang from the strange hooks in our ceiling, and now we hang random stuff from it. Let's just call it art...?

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  1. Aww those are great! The little cloud is adorable.


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