Empire in Da House

We brought him home from a yard sale last saturday, and now he has invaded our house.

 It was so calm and quiet before he showed up.

 Now he's always playing on the furniture,


playing games with the hand,

 and taking long naps in the bed.

After we took these pictures, Julia found these storm trooper pictures on Making it Lovely! Find a ton more at this Flickr site. Who knew storm troopers were so in style?

(Also, most of the fabric in the dollhouse is just sitting where it will go once it's sewn into little pillows, blankets, etc)

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  1. LOL! Love it! He looks so comfy in the bed!

  2. You seriously need some children stormtroopers for this house!

  3. This is so cute! I totally missed this post! lol I need to find someone to live in my house. I wanted to find a vintage She-Ra doll.

  4. What?!?!? How did I miss the the mini PacMan game??? Awesome! Love the stormtropper.


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