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I know it's only October, and I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself, but I'm starting to think about Christmas. I found some cute ornaments at yard sales and picked them up, because I realized this is going to be the first year that I get to have a Christmas tree in my apartment. Full disclosure: I love Christmas. Like, a lot. So I'm quite sad that I won't be going home to my parents' house in Oregon, but the upside is that I'm getting my own tree to decorate! Anyway, enough talk. My point is that Chris and I are heading up to New Hampshire in a couple days with his family for a nice long fall weekend, and I'm thinking I should bring some easy crafting stuff with me. I need Christmas ornaments, and I can sew. Boom! Instant inexpensive decorations.

I'm thinking felt, because felt is soft and fuzzy and oh so easy to make pretty, like this:

from here

from here
from here

It's gonna be good. And super easy. So sorry for the early Christmas stuff, but come on, it's so much fun. I'll post all about my successes (thinking positive here) next week!

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