Battling the Brown

Lately Chris and I have been noticing that our living space is very brown, especially since we added a large mirror with a dark wood frame above the organ (which Chris is going to post about later!). We have wood floors, a wood organ, mirror with wood frame, wood credenza, brown chairs, wood side table, and even the rug has a brownish feel, though it's really off-white, orange, and blue. You get the point. Brown, brown, brown, and a little overwhelming.

We want to use some of the colors that are in our curtains to pump up the color in the room, and mostly we're drawn to adding more blue. We should probably find some fabrics to make fun throw pillows, but we started by thinking about rugs and comforters.

 The blanket on our bed is currently blue, but it's also only one blanket and nights have been getting colder. I don't think Chris notices the cold, but I sure do. Unfortunately I kindof hate our comforter, which is actually Chris's comforter from his old room at home. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's just not in my colors (and I think it would add to the brown-ish theme), and it's kindof too "boy" for me. So we want to keep the blue going on the bed and try to add something a little more exciting than the plain old blanket we have now. We're thinking something a little more modern and fresh since all that brown feels like it's adding a lot of not-quite-dingy-but-almost age to the space (especially since it's all used brown/wood stuff), so it definitely needs some cheering up.

I went internet searching for inexpensive things to solve our problems and was coming up with a big nothing, until I went to the Urban Outfitters website, which I haven't been to in quite some time (I'm generally more on the Anthro side of things), but wow! I'm pleased. Quite inexpensive, and bright, and fresh, and exciting:

Atlas Tapestry, $39
 I know, this is not a comforter. But, it is the right size for a queen bed, and I could totally sew it into a duvet cover using a flat sheet for the other half (I did this with another Urban Outfitters piece of fabric for the comforter I brought with me to college and it was awesome). It's a good price, a fun graphic design, a good modern fresh blue, and we love maps, so I think this could be great.

Laerke Duvet Cover, $29.99
 Um.. awesome! And I think it would be just the right blue to go with the curtains. Fun, mod pattern kindof looks like an awesome symbolic language. And it's on sale for $29.99! I'm a big fan.

Zigzag duvet cover, $79
 This one is a lovely classic chevron that would definitely add some modern brightness to our space. It's a little on the expensive side at $79, and the blue might be a little bit light, but it's so pretty...

Zigzag Printed Rug,  5' x 7' , $69
Here's the rug version of the chevron comforter. Might be awesome as a replacement for our current rug. Again, the blue is a little light, and I don't think it's the highest quality rug, but (again) it's so pretty...

Chris and I actually started our conversation about fixing the brown problem by talking about trading out the rug, but I had a hard time finding inexpensive, modern, blue options. I looked at IKEA (nothing we liked), West Elm (nothing quite right), CB2 (too expensive), and Target (again, nothing right). Is there a company I'm not thinking of that has great, inexpensive rugs??

Note: I didn't link each photo, but they're all from the Urban Outfitters website

UPDATE 10/23: I ordered the Laerke Duvet Cover today. So excited about it! I'll post pictures once it gets here.


  1. The chevron pattern is crisp and light, but for practicality, I find it hard to keep a cover in such brilliant white color for very long. Too easy to spill on and then it's ruined. The patterned one is my vote, though don't know if it will look too busy in your little apartment. It's almost a Southwestern motif. Of course, I love maps.

  2. It is VERY common for women to need more blankets than men, it's just the way we're built! I always keep a woolen throw for on top of my side of the bed, and then fold up during the day.



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