You tell me: what art do I need?

Here's the deal: I bought a LivingSocial (it's like Groupon) coupon awhile ago, for which I paid $20 for $40 of art at 20x200.com. If you don't know about 20x200 I demand that you check it out immediately. Seriously.

Basically, with $40 to spend I can get two 8"x10" limited edition prints, and I would just have to pay for shipping, or I could get one 11"x14" print, and it would cost me $10 extra plus shipping. I'm leaning towards the two little ones because I'm a fan of little art and I'm not a fan of spending more money.

The problem is, there's too much to choose from! I can't decide what to buy. So I'm asking for your help. I'll lay out all the lovely prints I'm choosing from, and you must comment (down at the end of the post there should be a comment link) to tell me which one(s) I should buy.

Here we go:

"National Treasures" by Amze Emmons

Love the colors, the giant head, the wires, the cushion-less couch.

"Osiris Mountain" by Hollis Brown Thornton

Oh, the memories of VHS, Polaroid, and cassette tapes... and that pattern!

"ny.11.#2" by Jennifer Sanchez

I don't know, there's just something about all those circles and the neon hint.

"Bird Power" by Carrie Marill

"Put a bird on it" also applies to walls. And can you say crazy awesome?!

"Ramona's Bright Idea" by Pattie Lee Becker

Feet, shapes, and colors, oh my!

"Down By the River My Lungs and I" by Pattie Lee Becker

I'm kind of in love with this one. It's hairy and organic and wonderful.

"First Snow" by Paul Octavious

The only photograph of the bunch. Love the grey tones and all those little bitty colorful people.

"Handmade Treehomes, #1a" by Jill Bliss

My ultimate dream treehouse. And the drawing style is really neat. Yes, I just said "neat."

"Handmade Treehomes, #1b" by Jill Bliss

And it's a diptych! But I feel like they work as individuals, too, so I could just get one. Roots=awesome.

"Stairway" by Tamara Thomsen

The colors and composition are just great.

"Flood" by Jaclyn Mednicov

Love the combination of washy areas and fine details, like all those pebbles.

Do you see the shopping furry people? And the strange pile of gloppy color? And the terrible layout of this store? Hilarious.

"Trash Mountain" by Megan Whitmarsh

I don't know about you, but this is the most beautiful mountain of trash I've ever seen.

Well, there you have it, folks. Many excellent options, but only two (or one) can be the winner(s). Now you know why I need your help. Please please comment with your opinion. I don't care if you know nothing about art, just tell me what you think is pretty. Or cool. Or whatever.


  1. I love that website, too, Julia! I get so sucked into its vortex of awesomeness. Anyway, I vote for the one with Green/REM on it, as that was my first CD I ever owned. I also vote for the lime green stairway one.

  2. I also like "Stairway", but being a huge fan of organic art I'm gonna have to vote for the intricately creepy-awesome work of Pattie Lee Becker!

  3. The colors of the stairway one are just too amazing to handle. And I also love the "Flood" one. Also, am going to have to inspect this website you found these from...

  4. I'd have to vote for "Down by the River..." - the organic one. I'd make that out of yarn if I knew how! Sorry I'm so late in voting, as I've been a little out of it.

  5. I like Flood, and National Treasures best. But they are all pretty great!


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