We have more than an eating space

Lately I have noticed that we've only been posting about our eating area, so here's something about the actual living space in our apartment! By the way, we added a few pages awhile ago and you should definitely check out the "Spaces" tab, if you haven't done so already. There you will find a lovely approximate floor plan drawn by yours truly, and links to blog posts organized by which space is the subject. I get to add this post to the "living space" section!

Here's your first real peek into the living space, which really lives up to its name, given that it is a living room, bedroom, and office all in one! Aren't we just so economical?

You have no idea how much I brightened up this image in Photoshop, and it still looks a bit dark... ridiculous.

There's quite a lot going on here, so I'll give a quick run-down of what you're seeing.

That's our bed (obviously), which houses a strange combination of pillows that we have collected. It's still relatively warm out, so we just have a light blanket for now, instead of the comforter. Actually, we're in the market for a better comforter, or quilt, or duvet, because I'm not a huge fan of the one we have stashed in the closet for now.

Next to the bed is my nightstand, which I bought at a yard sale for $5, then added pretty Anthropologie drawer pulls. Yummy. The letter Q is also an Anthro sale find. You can't really tell it's a Q, but I swear it is. And don't ask why we have a Q, we just do.

The curtains, which you caught a glimpse of in this post, were sewn by me! We're not allowed to paint the walls (so sad), so we opted for some crazy curtains to perk up the space. Unfortunately we don't really have the space for floor length curtains, especially since one window is over the bed (as you can see) and another is over a radiator. Sorry about the ugly air conditioner... it was very necessary this summer, but it's about time for that monster to get packed away.

My favorite part is the sheep next to the bed. Every morning is a little bit better because I get to step on my fuzzy sheep first thing.

We definitely need some art above the bed, but we still haven't found something perfect for the spot. Chris made an epic drawing the other day that might just make the cut. More on that later.

There are tons of little things in this picture that I didn't explain, but I don't want to bore you and myself with too much explaining. We'll keep taking pictures and sharing the awesomeness that is our apartment. It's seriously crammed with stuff we love, so look forward to more soon!

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  1. Yeah for a sewing machine, so you can sew your own curtains!


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