Shiny New Used Things

Here's a little sampling of purchases Chris and I have made recently, some from the Brimfield Antique Show that Chris wrote about here and some from local yard sales and estate sales. 

First off, remember our table problem? We fixed it! At least for now... you never know when things are going to change around here. Here is the new set-up, complete with several of our new acquisitions:

The table is mostly hidden because we're not in love with the stain, but it is a solid wood table with pull-out leaves, which we probably won't use because I don't think our eating space could handle a table any bigger. The stain, which you can see on the legs, is part green, part orange-ish wood tone. We love the size, the solid-ness, and the shape of it, and we really loved the price. It was $5 at a yard sale!! Yes, please. 

The other "big" piece in this picture is our new Arthur Umanoff stool. We bought it for $30 at Brimfield from Marquis Modern (they have a shop online and in Bridgeport, CT that's probably pretty awesome if their booth at Brimfield is any indication). It's sleek, modern, and surprisingly comfortable. The wood is beautiful, with a lovely aged patina.

The little green/blue piece of furniture on the right of the table is something Chris and I bought at an estate sale recently that we'll post about soon with better pictures. 

Next up: tablecloths. To cover up the so-so stain on the table, I found two vintage tablecloths at Brimfield for $5 each:

The crazy colorful patterned one that Chris likes better is currently on the table, as you can see in the other pictures. The other one has great colors and a neat floral and graphic design against an off-white background. I'm a big fan.

Last but not least:

Chris will have to talk about the black sculptural thing later, because that's all him. The large glass vessel was bought at an estate sale super cheap. Somewhere around a couple dollars, though I can't pinpoint the price because it was part of a big box of stuff we bought for $20. The air plant is classic Chris. He loves these things. He bought this beast at Brimfield from the same dealer he bought more air plants from at the Rhinebeck flea market in New York a few years back.

We saw tons of great stuff at Brimfield, and if we had more money to throw around and/or a bigger apartment to fill we probably would have bought more, but we're quite pleased with what we did find. We can't wait to do it again when the show comes back in May! And of course, the yard/estate sales are an ongoing endeavor, though it is sadly slowing down a bit with the approach of autumn. 

We'll keep sharing our awesome used/vintage finds as we take more pictures!

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