A New Piece of Art for the Apartment

So Julia and I have been wanting a piece of art to hang over the bed, but we kept running into logistical issues relating to the space.  Our bed, which has yet to make a significant appearance on the blog yet, has no frame or headboard.  That's right, we just have a box-spring and a mattress (long story)... Anywho, Julia and I liked the idea of hanging one of my larger photographs up on the wall, but because the wall is textured and not flat, I vetoed the idea unless we could get a frame.  Unfortunately, a frame would be far too expensive for our present budget, and I am a bit skeptical that our old walls can safely hold much weight.  I kept envisioning art slamming into my face while I slept, and it would only be worse if I was faced by my own work.

The above piece was the final product of a drawing that began with an outline of our cat Bella.  The medium used are a large black Sharpie marker (one of my favorite toys), and a recycled piece of paper from the business where I work.  The 0% chance of this drawing falling off the wall and doing any damage as well as the fact that there is a great deal of negative space added to our interest in hanging this piece above the bed.  Because this drawing is so graphic it draws the attention of the room, but its lack of weightiness (graphically) prevents it from being too dominant in our tiny space.  We have both been enjoying the recent change from blank wall to space filled with original art that's not going to kill us in the night.  If you like this you should check out my other work.

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