New Art Adventures

Anyone who has seen almost any piece of art I have made in the past decade could probably pin down what I was into. They were pretty much all oil paintings of people, mostly nude figures. My paintings had been getting progressively less representational, more painterly, and maybe a little more strange, especially towards the end of college. By the way, I majored in studio art (and French) in college, and I'm currently working as an (assistant) art teacher, so I definitely consider myself an artist, and let's just say that I was quite serious into the people painting. So you should all be VERY surprised with my latest works, because they're made with paper and they're kinda abstract. Crazy, I know...

Okay, this one does look like a little bit like a face, but I swear I didn't mean to. It's actually based on a chicken embryo. Didn't see that one coming, did you? Basically I've been using one of Chris's old books that he collects for his projects (check out his sweet embryo art in the previous post-- it looks like a face, too), and I use the biological diagrams as a jumping off point for the shapes I cut out.

We found some amazing National Geographic maps from the 1930's at a yard sale this weekend. I bought a little pile of them for $5. They have great colors and add all sorts of interesting texture and pattern. I realized after I had selected all my different papers that I had actually chosen a few pictures from an old National Geographic magazine that are from the same geographical area as the pieces of map I was using. Coincidence?

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