Hilariously Organized

I just stumbled upon a fantastically organized artist who I just have to share. Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss artist/comedian who is probably best known for this art book:

just put it under the bed!

He's coming out with a new book called The Art of Clean Up. It seems that his books are rather difficult to actually find and buy online, but it looks awesome. Here's an interesting article on NPR about his work.

I'm something of a perfectionist myself (I absolutely cannot handle pictures that aren't hung straight on the wall), so I totally appreciate what this guy is doing. He goes a little overboard, but that's what makes great art!

Here are some of my favorites of his new work (all from the NPR article linked above):

The stars one was obviously photoshopped, but it was just too ridiculous to not include. I really love how for all the other images he actually had to carry out crazy feats of organization. Go Ursus Wehrli!


  1. I love these!! especially the pine needles one

  2. the pine needles one is totally my favorite, too. it's so simple but there's just something awesome about how perfectly lined up they are

  3. The stars are the best, because it's so ridiculous. It just seems so weird to rearrange the universe. No.
    Pine branch: having lived with huge doug fir trees in the back yard and oodles of pine needles, I can see doing this on a rainy Oregon day, with nothing else to do. Clever.


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