Getting Paint Crazy

Recently I've been spending way too much time painting a little console table / end table that I bought at a yard sale. As soon as I'm happy with it, I'll post lots of pictures of the whole process. In the meantime, I've been thinking about painting everything that's not as pretty as I think it should be. So while I had my plastic spread out in the middle of the floor and my yogurt tub of grey paint open I got a little aggressive with a couple boxes our cat, Bella, likes to sleep in. I guess if we want to get specific one box was a Staples box she sleeps in and the other was her trusty Trader Joe's cat scratcher that lives on a windowsill in the main room of our apartment. I love Trader Joe's, but they definitely failed on the box design for that thing. It was just unattractive.

Here's Bella enjoying her pre-makeover cat scratcher:

You can't see it, but behind her head there is a (not very nice) black and white picture of a cat on the scratcher, and it just looked weird with the lavender box.

So I kicked Bella off, much to her dismay, and slapped a coat of grey latex paint on the sides of the thing. Like this:

I know, I know... that's a different box. But I did the same thing to the cat scratcher. I just forgot to take a picture of it, so I snapped one while I was painting the aforementioned Staples box. Being new to this whole blog thing, I keep forgetting to take pictures of everything, but I think you get the idea. The Staples box was equally ugly, and is now the same color of nice, neutral grey.

Here's how the cat scratcher turned out:

So much better! You hardly even notice the thin little box anymore, and Bella doesn't seem to mind the change. In fact, she's sleeping on it right now.

I am quite pleased with how this super easy painting project turned out. That end table on the other hand is not being so friendly... but I'll get back to that on another day.

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