Books on Shelves

Our current bookshelf situation (kindof seen in this post?) is from IKEA, and fine but a bit boring. And definitely not big enough to handle all our books. There are stacks of books growing around the apartment, and it is not so pretty.

I found a little bit of bookshelf porn:

Pinterest? Saved before blogging, didn't keep the URL. Sorry!

This one is awesomely messy without being actually messy. Well done.

from here

All I want in life is built-ins. Enough said.

from here

More built-in lovin'. And the fireplace! Oh, how I want a fireplace.

from here

Tall bookshelves with a ladder? Yes, please.

The sad thing? None of these would fit in my apartment. But we're thinking something bigger and more attractive than what we currently have would be nice. Maybe someday...

Orlando (from Secrets from a Stylist) did a lovely picture post a bit ago with some epic bookshelves that made me quite happy. I'm totally jealous of the libraries he had in college. Check it out here!

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