We have a table problem

bor-ing table

The problem is that our kitchen table is really boring. I think everyone has owned a table like this at some point in their lives, most likely during or soon after college. So it makes sense that we acquired ours halfway through college, and now, after a year in "the real world" we are very ready for a better table.

We're not quite sure what kind of table we want to replace it. We're thinking something rectangular that would come out into the space, but that's about all we've come up with.

So I went digging for some kitchen table inspiration today.

from here

Maybe something like this?
A little rustic, and I'm totally into the bench idea.
And that window is ridiculous. I want one.

from here

Or maybe a little more mid-century?
No couch would ever fit into our tiny dining
space, but I'm loving that gallery wall, that
pendant light, and (of course) the table!

from here

This room reminds me of fairies and sticky sweet candies.

Totally feeling the girly-ness after all those manly rustic
and mid-century tables. But the table itself really isn't that
feminine, it's just fun and aqua. That probably wouldn't be
the right color for us, but we do have a lot of wood in our
apartment, so maybe a little brightness in the dining area
would be just what we need.

And those mis-matched chairs are awesome.

from here

I'm not in love with this table, but there's something
about this whole image that makes me quite happy.
And I do like those chairs.

Now we just have to find a table we can actually afford... and that's the hard (but fun) part.

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